2020 – What a Year To Remember

2020 – What a Year To Remember

As is becoming Delight In Designs tradition (for TWO straight years in a row!) I want to take some time to reflect upon the previous year. This is NOT about COVID19, or even about a small business complaining about the struggles that COVID19 may have presented. This is about looking back onto 2020 with fondness, lessons learned and celebration! So sit back, enjoy, get to know us a bit better and let’s begin! 

2020 Customer of the Year: 

Courtney Williams – Now if her husband is reading this, she did NOT receive this recognition because of the dollars she spent in our shop (although we do appreciate that too!) but Courtney is receiving this recognition because she is ALWAYS making suggestions to us on how we can make the customer experience even better…”There are these chocolate bars, that are really yummy” or “ You should carry men’s gift items for father’s day” are just a few ideas that she has brought to us. She realizes that Delight In Designs is here for YOU, our customer and while we cannot accommodate every suggestion, we promise, we’ll look into it and see what we can do! So Thank YOU Courtney, for your continued support to the small shop on the corner of West River Dr and Northland Dr.

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2020 Vendor of the Year: 

Signature Stone – with our growth, we began kitchen and bath remodeling. This is not a “get your toes wet and try it” venture. This is diving in, learning, and ensuring that customer’s remodel is smooth even despite pandemic (oops, didn’t mean to talk about that!) Signature Stone came through for us, making sure quartz and granite were readily available for installation to provide gorgeous kitchen/bath spaces for our design clients. Julie Blanchard is easy to work with. She measures THREE times and cuts once which we love! 

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2020 Contractor of the Year: 

Our very own Louis D!!! WOW, he is a jack of all trades, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and custom shelving are just a few of the remodeling jobs that he knocked out for Delight In Designs in 2020. Customers continue to OOOOOH over his craft and it is very common that he may attract a neighbor or two of the job we are working, to commission him for their jobs! – STAY back! He is ours!!! 

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2020 Realtor of the Year: 

Jake Heglund – Jacob Heglund Realty.  Jake was the first realtor to use our home staging services. He appreciated the service we brought to realtors, taking those awkward conversations out of their hands, and allowing Delight In Designs to transform a dated home into something that would appeal to the right buyer!  Together, we have worked on bachelors, elderly, young families, and many more, allowing them to begin their next chapter into their dream home. Jake is responsive to his clients and we are delighted that he sees us as an added value to his team!

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2020 Team of the Year: 

Well, of course it is Delight In Designs! As I write this, my eyes tear, my heart swells. Delight In Designs team has almost doubled in size with the addition of Dani, Leah and Stacey, designers that compliment the team in various ways. We have diversity, we have integrity and most importantly, we have FUN!  Forty percent of business’ don’t survive their first two years. 2021 will bring year THREE for us, so take that COVID19 (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)  We are fierce, we are talented, we love what we do and it shows! I have been so proud to watch this team in action, flexing to change, embracing challenges, and realizing the importance of relationship to our clients and each other!  - So thank you team DID! If you want to learn more about our team and what we can do for you please schedule your discovery call or call us, 616-288-9780.

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