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5 Design Features that are Guaranteed to Get Your Airbnb Noticed

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+cottage+dock+lakehouse+and+experience

Airbnb bookings have surged due to vacationers wanting to escape the pandemic. But what does this mean for you? It means, yay more bookings...duh! But it also means you need to make sure your Airbnb is THE one people want to book.

More and more people are getting into the Airbnb game and you need to be the best in order to get top pricing for your rental.

A well-designed Airbnb listing is more likely to get consistent bookings, along with higher rates for each rental. This offers a greater return on your investment and well, that’s why you chose to do this, isn’t it?!

I want to help you get the best ROI for your Airbnb property, so I’m going to dive into the five most important features your Airbnb should have to get you top dollar for each booking and ensure your future guests return for more.

1. Get Clear on Your Ideal Guest

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+family+fun+game+vacation+and+experience

You need to know who you're designing your space for. Why? Well, knowing your ideal guest will help influence the design of your rental.

Do you target families with young children, professionals on a work trip, or couples wanting to escape? Any of these types of guest can direct your design.

A play area or game room would attract families, a functional workspace with a charging station and Wi-Fi will please the working professional, and a relaxing outdoor hot tub will appeal to the couple on a getaway.

Designing your Airbnb around your ideal guest will not limit the number of people who will book your property. Because you will be designing around the guests you want to rent to, you will ultimately attract the right people who will see your Airbnb as their dream space.

2. Design with Durability in Mind

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+family+dining+durable+quality+vacation+and+experience

When designing your Airbnb, you want to keep in mind how it will be used.

If you attract large vacationing families, especially those with many kids, you will want to think about durability. Your renters may not seek to destroy your property, but accidents happen, and you want to make sure your finishings last, considering the level of use they will get.

Hardy materials like LVP (luxury vinyl floors) or LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) are a great investment. LVP and LVT imitate wood planks and ceramic tiles. They have gorgeous natural colors and textures that feel like the real thing. LVT can be quieter and softer than real tile and LVP is a budget-friendly option, compared to real planks, due to its ease of installation.

And the best part? Not only will these options hold up for years to come, but they will also look great while doing it.

3. Master Multi-Functional Spaces

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+family+multi+use+furniture+durable+quality+vacation+and+experience

Your spaces should cater to several functions in order to make the Airbnb even more versatile, so think about the furniture pieces you choose to get. For example, would a regular sofa be fine to serve its purpose, or would it be smarter to get a sleeper sofa to provide more places for your guests to sleep?

You can also consider getting a lift-top coffee table that doubles as a dining table to give your guests more room to eat. Or a coffee table with built-in storage for board games and puzzles. Or an ottoman with a removable tray top for beverages while lounging in front of a movie. The multi-functional furniture possibilities are endless.

4. Create Cozy, Comfortable Spaces

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+family+cozy+furniture+bedroom+quality+vacation+and+experience

Don’t forget to factor in comfort, as this will ensure guests feel well taken care of. Investing in a good quality and comfortable mattress, along with soft bedding and a variety of pillows will make your renters feel important and pampered.

High-quality towels in the bathrooms add comfort and elegance. Plenty of pillows and throws on the sofa create a cozy atmosphere. Little touches make a big difference when it comes to guests feeling at home in your space.

5. Supply Ample Storage Space

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+family+storage+quality+vacation+and+experience

And lastly, a biggie…storage! Your guests don’t want to trip over their things because they have no place to put them. Make sure your spaces have storage for suitcases, clothing, strollers, coolers, etc. Better yet, offer furniture like dressers in each bedroom so guests can fully unpack and feel at ease during their time at your Airbnb.

Don’t forget the kitchen, either, as your guests will most likely make a grocery run and they will need a place to store all of their food. Sure, a well-kept refrigerator is great, but available cabinet space for the non-perishables is also essential. And if you have a wine fridge for extra beverage storage…even better!

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+airbnb+design+features+reviews+five+star+vacation+and+experience

Guests don’t take the time to write 5-star reviews when things are mediocre, but they certainly do it when they’ve had an exceptional experience.

Consider spending a couple of nights in your Airbnb to really test out the property from a guest’s perspective. Do the things your guests would do, take notes, and consider making changes where you experience annoyances.

These few small and simple improvements will help take your Airbnb to the next level and give you a major return on investment. Remember, looks are important but experience is EVERYTHING!

Have any questions about designing an Airbnb or rental property? Leave us a comment below or contact us at 616-288-9780 to chat.

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