5 Places Performance Fabrics are a Must-Have in Your Home

5 Places Performance Fabrics are a Must-Have in Your Home

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As a baby, my daughter was obsessed with a pillow on our sofa. I regretted not using performance fabric when I had the covers made. If I had done this, our awesome pillows may still be a part of our decor.

Our daughter was the world record holder for spitting up as a baby. Thankfully I used a performance fabric for her favorite pillow because we still have it in our home today.

There are many applications in design in which using a performance fabric in your home makes sense. Today, I will be sharing 5 of the best applications for use in your own home...

1. Stylish Sofas, Chairs & Ottomans

Gone are the days that performance fabrics are known for use only in commercial applications. If you have an active family, an adorable dog, a drooling baby, or even windows in your home that let the light shine in - performance fabrics are the answer to your furniture needs.

There are so many colors and patterns to choose from that your design style will shine through on any piece in your home.

2. Delightful Drapes & Curtains

Not only are the patterns and colors offered in performance fabrics awesome to look at, but they also add value to any space they are used in.

A bedroom that uses a performance fabric on the windows will see less fading of fabrics. A living room with performance fabric upholstery will clean easily and be easy to maintain for years to come.

3. Ideal Indoor Area Rugs

More than any other component in your home, your flooring is the most essential investment you will make. Your floors take on the most wear and tear with everyday use.

Using an area rug constructed using performance fabrics only makes sense! These rugs are easy to clean and maintain, while keeping the room looking fresh.

4. Beautiful Bedding & Accessories

Have you ever dreamed of having all white bedding but are afraid to take the leap in real life? Investing in performance fabrics for custom bedding can make this (and other unique colors/patterns) a reality.

Having the option to machine wash, wipe clean, or spot clean for maintenance...plus the lasting durability of materials with less fading, makes using performance fabrics in your bedroom a must.

5. Elegant Exterior Furnishings

These days, creating a living space outdoors is almost more important to a homeowner than their space inside. Using a performance fabric on everything possible in your outdoor space will enhance the durability, longevity, and beauty of your pieces.

In an outdoor application, these fabrics help keep your pieces mold-free, fade-resistant, and water-resistant.

Using performance fabrics throughout your interior and exterior designs is not only smart, but it will be beautiful! Making the investment in fabric selections on your furniture, pillows, window treatments, area rugs, and more will save money in the long run and save you the headache of constant change!

Have any questions about performance fabrics? We've got you covered! Leave us a comment below or call us at 616-288-9780, we'd love to share our expertise with you.


  • Carrie Nielsen

    Great read! After that, it’s making me want to invest more in my outdoor pieces for longevity. Thanks for the tips Stacey!

  • Jessica Crosby

    Wow, what great insight on getting the most value out of investing in good furniture!

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