Home for the Holidays: Decor Ideas for Your Home

Home for the Holidays: Decor Ideas for Your Home

With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is thinking about holiday decor. There's nothing like the smell of Christmas wreaths and Christmas balls when taken out of storage. All those smells and colors are sure to bring back a wave of nostalgia, of chilly Christmas mornings or festive Thanksgivings that bring family from all over the country together. Whether you are planning to decorate for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, the anticipation that comes with planning your holiday decor can sometimes trump the actual decoration itself! Home for the Holidays-Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog

But don't worry because this is exactly how the rest of the world feels, especially right now when we can all use a dose of festive cheer. Read on to know how you can plan and decorate for the holidays, whether you want a cozy country vibe or you want to glam it up with posh and fancy holiday trimmings.

Holiday Decoration: How to Decorate for a Fun and Festive Space

The holidays are the perfect times to be fun and festive. If you want to go for a warm and cozy feel, go for beautiful texture and a neutral color palette, just to keep up with the times. Forage for pine cones and natural branches and start with the doors and windows. Opt for textured linen, maybe with a few tartan plaid accents, warm and festive reds and greens, and big happy bows for your holiday table. Don't be afraid to go all out, especially if you really want to create a fun and cozy vibe that everyone will feel once they step into your space.

Home for the Holidays-Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog

Posh and Glitzy Holiday Decor

If you want a more grown-up style when decorating for the holidays, go for deep and vibrant colors like reds and royal blues. Ditch the plastic trimmings and go for glass and metal. Of course, you can't go wrong if you choose a white and cream color palette for that Winter Wonderland vibe that not only appeals to both kids and adults, but also makes for a fantastic backdrop for holiday photos. If you want to go for chic and glam, less is always more. The key is understated elegance which you can bring out using the materials that you use and the stylish placement of holiday baubles like Christmas balls in a bowl centerpiece, a white tree, gold trimmings, and fresh foliage.

Home for the Holidays-Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog

Bring in the Nostalgia with Vintage Decor

Use soft colors and vintage accessories if you want your decor to have a festive vintage feel. Bring out the heirloom dishes and tree accessories if you have them in storage. If you don't, try looking for vintage holiday decor in thrift and vintage shops around town. Pair these up with wooden elements, like wooden holiday signs or a wooden sleigh. Keep the palette warm with a few touches here and there of accessories in copper, gold, and even champagne.

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There's nothing like the fun that comes with holiday decorating. Work with us at Delight in Designs to create the perfect holiday spaces for your next get-together. Whether you want fun and festive or a modern and elegant holiday aesthetic, we can help you turn your holiday decor dreams into reality. Contact us today for a free holiday design service consultation and we can discuss your options for holiday decorating.

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