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How to Create a Family-Friendly Home

Oh, those areas of your house. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones you think about constantly. The ones your kids have destroyed. This can be so distressing for a parent. We try to have nice things, but our kids don’t seem to share that interest. Why can’t some kids take care of the homes we provide for them? Don’t worry parents. Where you live does not have to be this way. We can have nice homes. With the right materials and some smart strategies. your home can stand up to kids AND look beautiful.

Tip 1:  Sturdy & Performance Fabrics

Use heavier duty materials, in high traffic areas, that need to stand up to constant use. Sunbrella or Crypton would be a good choice along with leather and you can even use outdoor fabrics inside. Consider using these for your cushioned dining chairs, sofa & loveseats, and your draperies. Using these performance fabrics will help the fabrics in your house last.

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Tip 2: Color, Pattern & Texture

Sometimes you can’t do much about a stain. We try our best to get them out but there is only so much you can do. You can help disguise those stains by using color (white and light colors may not be your friend when you have kids), pattern and texture. Multi toned carpet helps blend in stains that just won’t come out and it has saved those from replacing their carpet many times over. 

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Tip 3: The Weathered or Rustic Look

One clever idea is to choose slightly weathered, rustic, or patina’d furnishings. This way your pieces will keep from looking worn over the years. Time will add more character to these furnishings and your kids may add some more “character” over the years as well. Luckily it won’t be easily noticed.

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+interior+design+remodel+weathered+rustic+kid+friendly+space

Tip 4: Easily Washable Finishes & Furnishings

Washable finishes and furnishings are a no brainer. For paint, Sherwin Williams would make a good choice. It’s durable and you can wash your walls if the kids decide to create some artwork for you. Vinyl rugs by Adama are a good choice for your kitchen, bathrooms and even dining room. They are absolutely beautiful and easily wipe clean. It’s much easier to clean up food from these than a fabric rug. For area rugs in your living and bedrooms you should consider Ruggable Rugs. Who wouldn’t want flooring you can throw in the washer when it becomes dirty? Such an amazing feature for these. Speaking of throwing things in the wash, slipcovers are a good idea to help protect your chairs and sofas. Remove when dirty and a simple wash will make them look as good as new.

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+interior+design+remodel+Easily+Washable+Finishes+Furnishings+kid+friendly+space

Tip 5: Flooring

Flooring is definitely an important thing to consider when purchasing things that will hold up to your children. LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks) and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are an amazing option. They have natural colors and textures that are made to look like the real things. LVT can be much quieter and softer than real tile and LVP  is an economical option that looks like real plank flooring and is easier to install than real wood planks. These will make your flooring durable and beautiful at the same time.

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+interior+design+remodel+Flooring+LVP+LVT+durable+kid+friendly+space

Tip 6: Quality Craftsmanship

The quality and durability of your furniture is important when trying to combat the clumsiness of children. Try to find items from brands with high quality craftsmanship. It’s most important with items that get constant use like your sofa or dining room table. A sturdy foundation will help the piece last years longer.

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+interior+design+remodel+Quality+Craftsmanship+kid+friendly+space

Tip 7: Involve the Kids

Try to get your kids involved in the decisions. Pick 2 or 3 options that you love and have your kids give their input. If they help pick it, they are more likely to take care of the items. You can make this a fun family activity that you and your kids will appreciate.

Delight in Designs+Grand Rapids MI+West Michigan+interior+design+remodel+Involve+Kids+kid+friendly+space

Just know your home can be as elegant and chic as you want it to be. Kids do not have to be the reason you settle for a mediocre style in your home. You just have to find a good balance between your aesthetic and function of your family.

Here at Delight in Designs we can help you design your home around your lifestyle. We can help with making your home more kid friendly. Book a call with us and we can discuss products that would meet your needs. 

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