The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

One thing you should know about Delight In Designs is that we LOVE Christmas!  Not only because we get to decorate the shop in a fun, holiday way, but the music, the delight in helping customer choose the right gift for their loves ones and the outpouring of love and support that we have gotten from our customers has been amazing…So this blog is dedicated to just a few of our favorite customers…YOU!


Meet Cohen, he has become our "go to" model for our baby department and just one of our favorite customers!  We met Cohen as his grandmother came to our shop to buy something special for him, way back when he was born (three months ago!) Cohen's story touched us so, that Delight In Designs KNEW we had to meet him, while he has been diagnosed with Downs Syndrome;  he is the happiest baby I have ever met, his joy just pours into the store and uplifts all of us!  You might recall seeing Cohen model with our very popular Poetic Bear or in our latest model shoot for Christmas pictured above! 


There’s Something about Mary….So Mary continues to be one of our favorites!  Mary was challenged in finding just the right piece for her entryway….she had such a perseverance and loyalty to Delight In Designs that she literally made three trips to our shop….in ONE day!  Mary was also instrumental in Delight In Designs carrying Mix-o-logie fragrances, if you haven’t tried them, please do!  Made with essential oils and natural ingredients, with names like “tender”, “poised”, or “sultry” your sure to find one that you fall for – try-on samples available!  


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of our design clients as well, so many of you have reached out to us, inviting us into your home and entrusting Delight In Designs to select colors, furniture, rugs and home accessories.  I have to mention Maureen who chose just the perfect 15 x 10 rug for her living area;  – as we decided that this was just the right rug, SHE decided she would wait SIX months as it is being hand woven in India – WOW!  Verhey Carpets has worked with us every step of the way! 

 So THANK YOU from Kathy, Kim, Cate, Jennifer, Monica and myself, thank you for your continued support, thank you for sharing our little shop with your friends and family, thank you for shopping local/small and we look forward to a great 2020 with all of you!


Merry Christmas to you and yours, 




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