Adding Humor and Creativity to Your Bathroom

Adding Humor and Creativity to Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a great area to use creativity and FUN in your décor...Yes, we all like that tranquil, spa clean feeling in our master, but why not have fun in your guest bath, or children’s bath time?


We’ll start with one of my favorite pieces of fun; this “wash your hands ya filthy animal” décor is a very funny, an in your face way to friendly remind your guest to be sure and wash up; a spin off from the movie “Home Alone”, this will start conversation, spark laughter and get those ten digits germ free all with one little piece of décor! 

Delight In Designs Blog-Wash your hands ya filthy animal-Bathroom Towel Bar


Let’s talk towel bar…a place to express creativity!  Using an old window pane, a golf club, a horse stirrup, a baseball bat, a baton, you get the idea….the ideas are endless!  Let’s not forget to take this fun even further and hang your towels in a fun way too, either by layering, adding ribbon, or even tying them with soap on a rope! 

So yes, let’s face it, bathroom time can be a time for reading as well, We took that to the next level for one of our designs and created a word search wall, we kept if fun by adding names of family members, hobbies that the client loves and places they like to travel!  This can be time consuming if you DIY, however you can find custom wallpaper at that offers different font, color and sizes. 

Delight In Designs Blog-Wash your hands ya filthy animal- Wordsearch Wall

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