What is the True Cost of Clutter?

What is the True Cost of Clutter?

You may not realize this, but clutter can have an emotional impact on us. It can make a person feel unorganized and out of sorts and that’s no way to be. Clutter can affect your daily routine simply due to things not being where they should. There is definitely an emotional cost of clutter, but clutter can also be expensive. So, it’s time to start adding things to Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist so you can start lightening your emotional and literal load.

Cost of Buying Things Twice… or Thrice

Have you ever found yourself trying to find something, like your Airpods? You look all over the house and just can’t find them. You love your Airpods. You use them often. So, what do you do? Give in and buy another set, only to find your old Airpods where they don’t belong. Well, I guess you have a backup, but a pricey one. Organization can keep this from happening to you. Make it a point to have a place for things, the scotch tape, scissors, remote, this also includes your keys, wallet, phone chargers, etc. This will help you from having to replace these items when you misplace them.

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Cost of Paying for Storage

When constantly having clutter around, consider the cost of storage. Needing a bigger house or renting a storage unit just to accommodate “stuff” is an unnecessary expense in your life. The storage in your house should be used for important things, not just for the clutter you can’t let go. Taking the time to declutter and organize can take away this need and if you haven’t used it in 6 months, consider getting rid of it.

 Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog-The True Cost Of Clutter

Cost of Tardiness

Along with money, clutter can also cost you time. Have you ever missed a deadline or been charged a late fee, simply because you were disorganized? Have you been late for something important like a meeting because you couldn’t find things you needed to bring? Having a system in your home to help with your organization can change the game and save you time and money.

 Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog-The True Cost Of Clutter

A Better Use of Time and Money

You are much better off using the time you would spend every day dealing with the clutter in your home to spend time with your family and friends and having experiences. Here’s a scenario; you have plans with your friends to watch the Super Bowl. You plan on leaving so you can get to your friends in time for the kickoff, well you can’t find your car keys. You used them yesterday, but you don’t remember where you put them when you came home. While looking, your kids get tired of waiting for you, so they start watching TV. Great, you finally found them after searching for 10 min. but now the kids want to finish their show and you can’t get them in the car. Twenty minutes later you’re on your way but now there is no way you’ll watch kickoff, all because you lost your keys.

 Delight In Designs-Stylizing Spaces Blog-The True Cost Of Clutter

Decluttering and organization can make your life so much better. It can decrease stress, boost energy, and save time for the important things in life, like creating experiences and lifelong memories with your friends and family. Sometimes just reevaluating your space can help with organization. That’s where Delight In Designs can help. We can look at your space and come up with a better solution to meet your family’s needs.

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