Women's Accessories

Here at Delight in Designs we are all about stylizing your home and also stylizing YOU! We have a wonderful collection of wraps that are so colorful and versatile – you can wear them many different ways. All of them are great for travel and lightweight, and many of them are even reversible!  Wrap yourself up to keep warm and cozy or for a summer look/bathing suit cover ups available too!

We also offer a wide selection of crossbody bags, small purse bags and larger cosmetic bags to hold all of your accessories. In addition, we carry inspirational emery boards that are a great gift idea for teenagers and up!

You will love our gloves, fingerless gloves and mitten collection!

Looking to make scents of the world around you? You will love our Mixologie perfumes which allow you to create your very own aroma that is specific to you. Mixologie is an exercise and a celebration of experimentation, individuality and evolution. They are made with essential oils and all natural products, and last all day without giving you that headache that a department store perfume may give you.

Don’t forget our peepers!  Eye ware that is fashionable and trendy!